Wood Router Acceptable Routine Checks for Enhanced Safety and Durability

A wood router is a power tool used for a number of purposes apart from routing. If you own a wood router, you need to ensure that your tool is well maintained so that it will retain its initial functionality, performance and durability. Poor handling of the tool can make the machine to lose its durability and also not to deliver clean cutting and routing result. There are generally acceptably practice that you should put up to ensure that your wood router does not lose its functionality and durability. Here are the best ways to handle your wood router to ensure that it lasts longer for you: http://www.woodrouterguru.com/

Always carry out a routine check on your wood router

Every wood worker that care about his router should try to conduct a regular check on the tool. Conducting a regular routine check will help you to discover any potential hazards and then rectify the problem easily. Sometimes a router may develop some faults without the operator knowing. Gradually, the fault will worsen and affect the functionality of the machine. It may even result in irreparable damages or injury to the user. You can avoid such an ugly situation by conducting a regular check on the machine. Your user manual will be helpful to you in this regard. Most manufacturers already provide useful maintenance information. Such information will help you to know the important parts to check and how to conduct the check.

Fit a dust collector to your router

Dust management and collection during routing and cutting is very important. If your wood router is an enclosed one, you have to attach a dust collector to it. Your router should be free from dust. For it to be functional and retain its durability, it has to be clean always. Besides working with routers with dust collectors is better than working with those without dust collectors. This is because they reduce post router task. The dust and particles generated are trapped in the dust collection system leaving the table and workspace clean. Thus, you have little cleanup to do after work.

Keep your router and table clean

Your router and its table should always be kept clean. As already mentioned, the router and its table should be free from debris and dust. Routers clogged up with dust easily gets heated up. So, to prevent your router from overheating, you have to  remove debris that accumulated on and below the top of your router. A blow gun will be of help here. The important parts to target are the collet, the motor and plunge. Also try to remove dust and debris trapped by the inner parts. Freeing the inner parts from dust will also help to avoid overheating.

Check your router brushes always

The brushes are located by the sides of the machine. They are easily replaced. Before you begin to use your wood router make sure that the brushes are working very well. Faulty brushes have to be replaced as soon as possible.